• My thoughts on the DO

    Starting practice is one of the most precious moments. It can be very exciting and eventually leads to fabulous growth. Now is the very moment to decide if to go all the way through.

    When I started judo practice I decided, that I would have done it for the rest of my life and that my Master would have been a constant presence in my thoughts.

    Fundamental to the DO is one ingredient: COMMITMENT, indicating, that self-discipline and persistence must be kept regardless of how hard it is.

    Practice puts us under constant stress, but without it we would never be able to develop our personality.

    Commitment and self-discipline are precious as gold for those seeking the DO.

  • In the Sixties

    1960: Bruno Carmeni throwing his opponent with seoi nage

  • More than 40 years later!

    2007: Bruno Carmeni throwing his opponent with seoi nage

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Published Books


1973  – Judo, Didattica d’Insegnamento (Judo, Teaching Methods) 

1974  – Judo per Bambini (Judo for Kids)

1975  – Judo

1987  – Judo Tecniche a Terra (Judo Ground Techniques)

1988  – Judo per Tutti 1st edition (Judo for All)

1991  – Lo Judo come Mezzo di Educazione Fisica Moderna (Judo as Modern Physical Education Mean)

1992  – Judo per Tutti 2nd edition (Judo for All)              

1993  – Lo Judo come Mezzo di Educazione Fisica Moderna in Braille (Judo as Modern Physical Education Mean)

1994  – Judo per Disabili Mentali per conto della F.I.S.D. (Judo for Mental Disabled for the Italian Disabled Sports Federation)

– Judo per Ciechi Sportivi per conto della F.I.C.S.  (Judo for Visually Impaired Athletes for the Italian Blind Sports Federation)

1997  – Judo per Ciechi Sportivi

             – Judo for Visually Impaired Athletes

1998  – Judo per Noi

             – Judo for Us

            – Judo da Colorare (Judo to Color) 

1999  – Judo per Ciechi Sportivi in Braille (Judo for Visually Impaired Athletes)

             – Judo per Noi in Braille (Judo for Us)

2000  – Judo e Cecità

             – Judo e Cecità in Braille

             – Judo and Blindness

2004  – Il Grande Manuale dei Kata (The Great Kata Handbook)

2005  – Judo, Implicazioni Culturali (Judo, Cultural Implications)

2008  – Judo Tradizione Attualità (Judo, Tradition and Trend)


6 Responses

  1. Excellent page,Thank you Sensei and your family

    • Dear Amanda, thanks for your appreciation. I do not know if you are already a fan of “Bruno Carmeni Judo” on Facebook. There you can find a lot more. All the best. aidajudo

  2. Dear Mr. Carmeni,
    Could you please tell me were I can Buy the next 4 books you published.
    -Judo for Mental Disabled.
    -Judo and Blindness.
    -Judo for Us.
    -Judo for all
    I don’t understand the Italian language so I preser them in The English language.
    Thank you in advange and with regards,
    Ben van der Eng

    • Dear Ben, I am answering you on behalf of Mr. Carmeni. At the time being the printed version is available only in Italian. Nevertheless we are working on the E-books in English. Could you be interested? Take care aidajudo

  3. I have enjoyed reading your articles. Thank you for your devoted study, knowledge and willingness to share your wealth of judo.

    I have a question. I am just starting a judo club and wanted to know what is the best way to teach kid’s how to ukemi?

    • Hi Fred, I am writing you on behalf of Bruno Carmeni. It is a little difficult to write you in a few words how to teach the ukemis to the kids. Nevertheless we are working on some videos, which will be posted either on the blog or on the FB Page “Bruno Carmeni Judo” upon the return from the summer holidays, from September on. aidajudo

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