• My thoughts on the DO

    Starting practice is one of the most precious moments. It can be very exciting and eventually leads to fabulous growth. Now is the very moment to decide if to go all the way through.

    When I started judo practice I decided, that I would have done it for the rest of my life and that my Master would have been a constant presence in my thoughts.

    Fundamental to the DO is one ingredient: COMMITMENT, indicating, that self-discipline and persistence must be kept regardless of how hard it is.

    Practice puts us under constant stress, but without it we would never be able to develop our personality.

    Commitment and self-discipline are precious as gold for those seeking the DO.

  • In the Sixties

    1960: Bruno Carmeni throwing his opponent with seoi nage

  • More than 40 years later!

    2007: Bruno Carmeni throwing his opponent with seoi nage

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Will Power and Creativity Within Judo – Part 1

I started judo in my teens and really do not remember why at a certain point I decided to stick my whole life to it and to have everything rotating around it. Very often I find myself asking the same question: why did I go for this discipline?

1958 Bruno Carmeni Judo Fiamma Yamato Regional Championships

The answer is also always the same: it is where I find human’s essence, an ongoing process between highs and lows, between victory and defeat. Almost everyday I face situations, that can take me to an exceptional exaltation, to triumph’s feeling or to the deepest sadness tasting setback’s  bitterness.  Oscillating mind frames, which I have been dealing with my entire life and that are not only typical within judo, but also in many other sports.

Our activity is based on continuous physical contact and practicing it with high intensity takes us to an internal pureness, which goes beyond all words and theoretical concepts. This art includes ethics, helps to control oneself when faced with contradictions and unforeseen difficulties and is of great support to penetrate into the deepest meaning of the world we live in.

I am not trying to say, that I am looking for the meaning of life through judo, but I have the need to rely upon someone or something to believe in, to trust. Everybody has a different approach to this “spirituality”, some dedicate their lives to literature, music, painting or some other kind of art. In many countries we can also find several sports dedicated to this same aim.

1959 Bruno Carmeni Judo Fiamma Yamato Regional Championships

Of course judo has a very strong tie to the way of the Japanese warrior and generally speaking martial arts used to teach how to have an absolute self-control in order to win the battle with the opponent. Therefore it really was a must to have a deep knowledge of oneself.  Somewhere very deep inside ourselves we are able to perform self-criticism in order to understand in which direction we should develop. In other words, only if we are able to identify our strengths and weaknesses we can overcome them and find the “Way”.


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