• My thoughts on the DO

    Starting practice is one of the most precious moments. It can be very exciting and eventually leads to fabulous growth. Now is the very moment to decide if to go all the way through.

    When I started judo practice I decided, that I would have done it for the rest of my life and that my Master would have been a constant presence in my thoughts.

    Fundamental to the DO is one ingredient: COMMITMENT, indicating, that self-discipline and persistence must be kept regardless of how hard it is.

    Practice puts us under constant stress, but without it we would never be able to develop our personality.

    Commitment and self-discipline are precious as gold for those seeking the DO.

  • In the Sixties

    1960: Bruno Carmeni throwing his opponent with seoi nage

  • More than 40 years later!

    2007: Bruno Carmeni throwing his opponent with seoi nage

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Judo Techniques – New Delhi, India 2006

In August 2006, my wife, Aida, and I went to India for our summer holidays. But as usual we could not do without our passion: judo. We have been invited by the Judo Federation of India to hold a Seminar and Coaching Clinic for all the Indian judo teachers and coaches. The clinic took place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi from 14th to 16th August.

The main focus of the clinic was on how to teach judo to the kids and beginners. What basic exercises should be taught to get a kid acquainted with the first judo techniques? What is the best way to teach the breakfalls without getting hurt or anxious while learning them? What are the first judo techniques to be learned? These and other questions where answered at the seminar, which consisted of a short meeting in the headquarter of the Indian Judo Federation and basically of classes on the tatami at the stadium for the entire three days.

Judo ClinicThe thing, that struck me most at this clinic and my first experience with Indian judo coaches and teachers was the kindness of the people and the interest to learn as much as possible. On the tatami we also had a lot of fun, apparently nobody, that came from abroad had made them laugh a lot while teaching. My approach to judo and while I am teaching is always to transmit the enthusiasm, that I have for this outstanding discipline. I believe, that you can learn a lot more if smiling is part of your lesson.

While we were at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the Indian National Judo Team was also there. They were preparing for the Asian Games. So of course we were asked to train with them and to give them some hints, both concerning judo techniques on the ground and standing.

Due to the fact, that I have been involved for 20 years with Judo and Visually Impaired Athletes, the Institute for the Blind in New Delhi was invited with a group of visually impaired athletes to this clinic. We have had a very interesting exchange, as there were several of them, that had hardly had a lesson of judo, but that learned quite some things in a very short period of time.

Judo Clinic 2006The judo teachers and coaches started to realize what a wide range of interests you can develop while on the tatami: we started with how to teach judo to kids and beginners, went through highly specialized judo techniques for top athletes of the national team and ended up with how to teach judo to visually impaired athletes. What an illuminating experience!


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  1. Dear Paco, I am writing you on behalf of Mr. Carmeni and am very sorry to have used your pictures without your name. Unfortunately I was not aware they were yours as I received them from some judokas without direct reference to your name. I will be more than pleased to use your original pictures with your name on my blog as long as you will be so kind to sent them to me. I thank you and look forward to hearing from you. aidajudo

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